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Sunday evening, my brother and I, went to see my uncle's concert. It was very fun! :)

I also wanted to upload a video, I shot a very artistic one, but you can upload only youtube video here :( :(


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30 days drawing challenge


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Window Farm!!!!

Self-sufficient food system for city people


Having a Windowfarm means fresh basil for pesto, dill to flavor salmon, and lettuce for salads, and you can get more local than your own window. Fresh ingredients are key to any good meal, and think how impressed your friends will be when you tell them you grew it yourself. It really is a microfarm for your window.

It has a very active online community as well, I want to try this!!!!


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Meet the man who quit money

From globe and mail


In the first year of the 21st century, a man standing by a highway in the middle of America pulled from his pocket his life savings – $30 – laid it inside a phone booth, and walked away. He was 39 years old, came from a good family, and had been to college. He was not mentally ill, nor an addict. His decision appears to have been an act of free will by a competent adult.

In the 12 years since, as the Dow Jones skyrocketed to its all-time high, Daniel Suelo has not earned, received, or spent a single dollar. In an era when anyone who could sign his name qualified for a mortgage, Suelo did not apply for loans or write IOUs. He didn't even barter. As the public debt soared, he did not pay taxes, or accept any form of government handout.

Instead he set up house in caves in the Utah canyonlands, where he forages mulberries and wild onions, scavenges road-kill raccoons and squirrels, pulls expired groceries from dumpsters, and is often fed by friends and strangers. “My philosophy is to use only what is freely given or discarded & what is already present & already running,” he writes. While the rest of us grapple with tax deductions and mortgages, Suelo no longer holds so much as an ID card.

Yet the man who sleeps under bridges and prospects in trash cans is not a typical hobo. He does not panhandle, and he often works – declining payment for his efforts. While he is driven by spiritual beliefs and longings, he is not associated with any church. And although he lives in a cave, he is not a hermit: He is relentlessly social, remains close with friends and family, and engages in discussions with strangers via the website he maintains from the public library. He has crisscrossed the West by bicycle, hopped freight trains, hitched through nearly every state in the union, hauled nets on a Bering Sea trawler and spear-fished salmon in Alaska streams.

Continue the story at: www.theglobeandmail.com/news/arts/books/meet-the-man-who-quit-money/article2364905

Check out Suelo's website at: http://sites.google.com/site/livingwithoutmoney/

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Migrant Children School Visit

When the privileged met the unprivileged...

Together with a co-worker teacher and 5 of students from grade 5 to 9, I visited an elementary school for migrant children just about 25 minutes bus ride from my school. Due to the city's plan to build new constructions, the neighborhood had almost nothing left but torn down buildings and shattered bricks. Unsurprisingly, the school will be closed down after this semester, giving space to high rises which, according to the government, would bring more economic benefit than an under-maintained and under funded school.

Today's plan was that the two grade 9 girls from our school would take a class of 30 kids and teach them English. During the 2 hours, the student teachers have prepared materials and activities to introduce vocab related to human face, such as eyes, chins, hair etc. The rest of us helped out in the class, walking from table to table to try to interact with the kids so that we can give them as many chances as possible to practice their English. One thing that all 11 year old all share, regardless of which school you are from or what kind of family you live in, is the hyper energy and the eager to learn while having fun. The class was a joy and the 2 hours passed by without us noticing.

On the way back to the bus stop, the teacher, who is also the coordinator of the school exchange told me that later in the future, we will invite some of the children to come to our school, a private international school with outstanding facilities, computer, swimming pool. I am sure these kids will be thrilled to use all that facilities which they see as unthinkable luxury. But will they notice how different life can be? Will they realize that life is not fair? What will they think seeing the kids in my school, each has an iphone? And what would the kids from my school seeing the ones from the migrant school? Will they realize that how lucky they are? Will they see how they take the luck for granted and still complain all the time?

Some of the kids at the migrant school are really bright, no less than those from my school. But they won't have the opportunity to fully develop their potential because of poverty. Will they be able to catch up although they have already lost at the starting line?


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